Help Save Virginia Hemp Farmers – Oppose SB 591

SB 591 will prevent VA consumers from being able to get regular full spectrum CBD oil  from anyone. Please use the email form below and tell Virginia legislators to take ridiculous and unnecessary regulations out of this bill by accepting the Freitas Floor Substitute, or to Pass The Bill By For The Year, and to let Virginia consumers buy the cbd oil they want from the Virginia famers & producers who want to to sell it to them.


What it started as


What it ended as – See item 5: no greater than 0.3% (federal definition) AND under 0.25mg THC per serving AND under 1mg THC total (NEW not federally compliant definition)

We need your help to preserve high quality & low price cbd products for Virginia consumers, and to keep VA Hemp farmers and producers from becoming victims of corrupt big cannabis monopoly schemes. How?

1. Call the number to the governor below – Make sure you reference SB591
(804) 786-2211

2. Go to the link below and fill out the form – Make sure you reference SB591