Batch Extraction COA Info

Here is the info for our extraction batches. Our extraction is done by Pure Shenandoah in Rockingham county Virginia using a state-of-the-art CO2 extraction process that leaves no residual solvents. You can see links to the COAs for those extraction batches below.

Batch 7693 – TLDR: No Detectable Pesticides; No Detectible Arsenic or Mercury PPM; 0.009 PPM Cadmium (455x Below 4.1 PPM Threshold); 0.159 PPM Lead (63x Below 2.0 PPM Threshold)

Product Lot Info – 49291-49292-49293-49294
Product Lot Info – 49295-49296-49297-49298
Product Lot Info – 49299-49300

Virginia State Law requires several items for cbd extracts:

2VAC5-595-50. Laboratory testing required for contaminants and phytochemicals of an industrial hemp extract or a food containing an industrial hemp extract.

A. If an industrial hemp extract is used as an ingredient in a food and that industrial hemp extract was produced by a manufacturer that is an approved source pursuant to § 3.2-5145.3 of the Code of Virginia, that food containing an industrial hemp extract is not subject to the testing requirements prescribed in this section. However, a food containing an industrial hemp extract that contains any contaminant in an amount that exceeds an acceptable criteria or tolerance established in this section is adulterated.

Our processor is one of those approved sources and subject to all licensing, inspections, etc… required for that. As such, we fall under the exemption for the additional testing requirements. However, our goal isnt for us to know that our products are ok, our goal is for you to know that our products are ok and that you can trust them. As such, we have all of our products batch tested so that you know what you’re getting.

Below are the acceptable thresholds for solvents, mycotoxins, and heavy metals.